Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Human resource management is all about bringing people and the organization together to achieve the goals of each other. People are the determining force of our existence. People I mean not excluding ourselves. As all of us grow up in life choosing different roles as profession which earns our daily bread. In such case Human Resource profession is one of them.

In this article I have made an attempt to pronounce that Human Resource professional is a trend setter in any industry. Today as we are more hopeful towards booming of economy the role of Human Resource Professional as trend setter is more vibrant and vigorous. As always setting a trend has become the need of the hour.

What is a trend? Trend is a direction in which a situation is changing or developing. Setter means a person who sets something. Thus in any organization demands a trend setter who know the present market scenario in order to speak loud on the immediate need of the new trends to optimize the available resource to attain the best business results.

In today’s business world setting a trend is not that easy as to take a flight from Chennai to Delhi. On the contrary being the pilot who knows the ways and leads the passengers from front. Thus Human Resource professional has to be aware of the happenings and direction in the organization and the world market to set the best match between the both.

Let’s see some new business trends. The first emerging HR trend is all about Business to employees (B2E). It is about Business to employees which means business empowering employees with the help of technology like Intranet. There is another trend coming up as Stay interview in the industry. In Stay interview Human Resource professional interviews employees and understands the level of satisfaction among them. This trend has emerged because exit interviews are like discussing married life after divorce. The trend which may seem fantastic today may loose its essence later. However the core trend of HR is always at the service of employees’ welfare which results in take the organization to its objectives.

Gone are the days where Human Resource Management played the role of administrator which changed to value added services, facilitator to leader, protector and screener to planner and catalyst. Thus Human Resource has began to focus more on people centric organizations address people centered issues with commitment from the top management in attaining the desired business results. The call of HR in every organization is to create their employees to become leaders of the betterment of themselves, the coworkers and large for the betterment of future universe. Most often the mandate that determines the HR trends is to result to attain how to work better, faster and cheaper.

As Hema Ravichander, Senior Vice-president - HR, Infosys states what ever may be the trend HR sets it should never loose its human face since right set of people are the biggest assets of any organization.

 - This article was written to get my first job in 2009


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