Tuesday, May 7, 2013

real thoughts on life, money and career

The Best job in the world is to follow what your heart wants because someday we will be doing that definitely so it isn't good to start early.

Writing this blog message to help find what to look for in profession.

If need to choose in professional life which is important i.e Money or Career or both. Out of all these the most important thing is BEING GOOD. Whatever and wherever you are be a good one. :-)
In Life experience Money is like a dog it keeps following provided life lived good and passionate about profession and continuous improvement.

Earning more money and traveling aboard to work or getting citizenship in other countries do not matter. 

In bare reality money is immaterial (Having more money  makes no difference).

The best gift in this world are very cheap and free like Happiness, fresh air, Family, good friends etc...  Whatever and wherever you are be a good one. :-)

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