Thursday, May 2, 2013

Successful Talent Acquisition is an ART - agreed? NO!

...=> Mind mapping (MM) is a thought process, with the end result already achieved in the mind which determines the measurement of  success in logical sense. In emotional sense it varies based on your previous experiences.

Mind mapping is a predetermined thought process based on the past life existence and experiences. Existence means, the history of past experiences flown in due to birth. Mind mapping alters as and when encountering greater life existence and experience.

In simple terms, all that I do and want to do is already designed and can be determined by a force called WILL POWER. 

WILL POWER, the inner nuclear weapon can build or destroy each of my past life existence and experiences. YES, every one of us has this equally and this camouflaged in luck at times.

Luck stands apart from all of these as it is just happening if one likes it not.

The answer why some achieve greater success and others less having same resources because of Mind mapping and Will power. Always success depends internal which starts again from the beginning ... =>

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