Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What HR NOT?

This is a question of rare type. To spell the beans what is NOT HR is to have NO freedom of speech. 

Is it always HR to be deep rooted in diplomacy? Is diplomacy a good practice? Keeping no one accountable for the WRONG they have done or partial truth is diplomacy? Who has given the authority to define wrong rather; what is wrong in true sense? Anything that is hatred or hurtful to others is considered as wrong? Does the intensity of wrong will not be measured if the out come benefits the poor. What is wrong to me may not be wrong to you.

To define wrong one has to learn how to discern  between what is good and evil. So, what is good? What is evil? :-)(

WRONG EVIL GOOD TRUTH are so-called. I know deep down what they look like and are subjective to my past. On the contrary if you know the TRUTH you know what is wrong, good and evil. 

Difference between GOOD and TRUTH. Is partial truth is good and full good is truth?
Difference between WRONG and EVIL. Is part of evil is wrong and full wrong is evil?

The problem starts when we measure the out come of the problem and treat people on our perception.
Problem is a problem and it should be treated at that.

What is TRUTH? Truth is only past and present.TRUTH IS ALWAYS THE REALITY and the reality can only be of the past and present. One can be very sure of the reality of the past and present. If one try predicting the truth in future that paves way for LIE.


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